Introduction to Writing Fiction

Lesson Summary

The Creative Writing Academy offers an Introduction to Writing Fiction, focusing on the differences between Fiction and Non-Fiction:

  • Fiction involves creating stories from imagination, allowing freedom to include imaginary elements.
  • Non-Fiction deals with presenting accurate and truthful information.

Genres within Fiction include Mystery, Thriller, Adventure, Science Fiction, Fantasy, and more. Examples of Non-Fiction include Textbooks, Biographies, and Memoirs.

Readers engage with fiction to experience different emotions, perspectives, and to be entertained. Writers express creativity, explore ideas, and aim to entertain their audience.

When writing fiction, focus on four key concepts:

  • Characters
  • Setting
  • Point of View
  • Plot

Develop characters that are essential to the story, create a compelling setting, decide on the narrative point of view, and structure the plot around a problem, climax, and resolution.

For practice, students are encouraged to write a short story incorporating these elements and can reach out for assistance via email or during class sessions.

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